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The desired outcome of demonstrating a responsible capacity to restore native sod and avert further plant endangement is to create an environmental community that is more encouraging of sustainable agricultural buriness practices.  This experimental conservation effort can be a practical model for develpoing sustainable commercial vineyard landscapes within and outside Napa and Sonoma cCounties of Northern California's premium grape growing region.


With the native grasses of sedge and rush meadows and medicinal plant conservation in the vineyard, Lyric Merryman may soon be able to appreciate vineyards for their positive ecological contributions.  It was one the challenges she wanted to help make as important to her families protectiong the heirloom seeds, significant life plants; as well as the encouragement of growing great grapes for extraordinary great wines! 


Phillip Knowlton Biography:


Phillip Knowlton is involved with endangered plant conservation and managing natural growing environments for high quality chardonnay wines.  He farms a small sustainable apple and mixed stone fruit orchard, and works to support a multi use wildlife habitat, and utilizes non-polluting sources of energy in the San Francisco Bay Area.  His vineyard provides organic grapes to one of the Russian River Wine Country's most outstanding wine makers, Virginia Marie Lambrix of VML Winery.

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