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Knowlton Farms was sold in November 2020 and is now being operated as The Dalya Estate. The farm is managed naturally, and is engaged in a slow restoration using non-polluting and diverse soil building approaches to agriculture and multi season cultivation. 


The estate farms several acres of high quality chardonnay grapes, and has another 22 mixed stone fruit and apple orchard trees, along with protecting and hosting small wildlife habitats.


The garden supports research on plant conservation and the sustainability of at-risk medicinal plants.  The vegetable and flower garden is designated as a botanical sanctuary for North American medicinal plants. The organic garden uses landscape designs for mixed use habitats within vineyards as a key to their survival and renewal.

Located in a geologically diverse area, the land contains some of the world's most unique ecosystems.  Since the 1970's this region has produced some of the most uncommonly great wines in the world.

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