Phillip Knowlton is involved in at-risk medicinal plant conservation and managing sustainable growing environments for high quality chardonnay wines.  He farms a small sustainable apple and mixed stone fruit orchard, and works to support a multi use wildlife habitat, and uses non-polluting sources of energy.


Professionally he has worked in the San Francisco Bay Area since the 1980's in the arts, entertainment services and technology ventures. He is also a founding investor in several successful for profit ventures and non profit organizations.


As an educational consultant he applied his psychological training to the newly emerging field for profit social networks.  His past interests have focused on innovations and micro-growth capital to non profit organizations and for profit business and communities.  As a business adviser he was engaged in the newly emerging field of humanistic business alternatives and social entrepreneurship.  He completed a career in business consulting in 2004 first working in the semiconductor industry of Silicon Valley, and in recent years for innovative software and internet service ventures.  He then naturally gravitated to the newly emerging on-line communities.


He attended Boston University and went on to complete an undergraduate B.A. degree in Behavorial Science from Lyndon State College and recieved an M.A. in Counseling and Educational Psychology from The New Mexico State University.  After a practice in clinical and counseling psychology he moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to acquire a Ph.D.  However he suspended his studies in Psychology and did not complete final course work.


He is married to Suzanne Fitzgerald and has two college age children, Eric and Faraellen.